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JCPenny’s Customers Spoke and They Listened

August 18, 2016

Going beyond apparel, JCPenny is expanding their home-goods selection. Customers are spending more money on home beautification and JCPenny is looking to improve in this sector.

During the third quarter JCPenny will add dishwashers and other major appliances to 1,000 stores. With 1,200 major appliances online, customers will be able to smoothly order online and JCPenny will deliver, haul away the customer’s old appliance, and install the customer’s new appliance.

Expanding JCPenny’s window-treatment selection space in 500 stores, they hope to get back to being dominant in custom windows just as they once were 10 years ago. Also, Ashley Furniture is teaming up with JC Penny’s to sell their products in stores.

“Penny On The Home Front.” Shopping Centers Today Week, Retail Real Estate News. ICSC. August 2016: 28. Print.

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