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Commercial Real Estate Services

San Antonio Commercial Property Management

Investment Realty Company, L.C. is pleased to announce we are now partnering with Foresite Commercial Real Estate on Property Management, Sales and Leasing, and Buyer/Tenant Representation. Now a part of the Foresite team, Broker Connie Raub and Agent Miranda Rihn continue to provide the same great services and continue to work in the same roles as before.

The strength of Foresite Commercial Real Estate is evident under the Leadership of Bethany Babcock and Chad Knibbe. Since the founding of the company, it has grown to lease and manage 51 properties representing over 1.36 million square feet.  Additionally, the company has assisted clients in the sale or purchase of millions of dollars in real estate.

Our experienced team of commercial real estate professionals are now a part of the Foresite Commercial Real Estate Team where they continue to work with property owners to determine the goals for their investments. The team strives to ensure that our clients receive the best care and work to assist in the achievement of the highest performance capable for the asset.

Foresite Commercial Property Management Services

Commercial Property Types Managed


What Is Commercial Property Management?

Business property management is a set of commercial property services aiding landlords in collecting rent, maintaining properties, and managing tenant leases. Commercial property management companies also assist landlords in filling vacancies, managing vendors, proposals, and accounts payable and receivable.

How Much Does Commercial Property Management Cost?

Commercial property management fees typically vary by property depending on their size, the number of tenants, the number of vacancies, and the amount of deferred maintenance that will need to be scheduled and monitored.

How Are Commercial Property Management Fees Calculated?

Business property management fees are calculated as a percentage of the rents collected on behalf of the landlord. Other fees may be assessed depending on the landlord’s needs and the duties assigned by the property owner to the property manager. Smaller properties may be charged a flat fee.

Steve Raub

commercial real estate San Antonio Stephen Raub

Steve Raub, CCIM, is a licensed real estate broker in the State of Texas and the Broker of Record for IRC. He is Investment Realty Company’s leading expert in commercial property and heads IRC’s remarkable team of land acquisitions and development experts. With over thirty-five years in the commercial real estate industry, Steve Raub utilizes his industry insight in the marketplace to ensure your investment is put into the right property to suit your needs. Contact Mr. Raub today at (210) 314-7839 for more information on IRC’s services.

"IRC will take care of your property as if it were their own. The level of service is unbelievable. Long story short, I was out of town and our building had a water line break at 11PM on a Sat. night. IRC was notified and went to the property site. They handled the situation with the plumbers that they called at midnight. When I arrived on Sunday at 2 in the afternoon they were still on site. Remember they had been there since Saturday midnight. at that point I knew I had found a special property management company."

-Pat Gardner, Vice President of Dutch Boy Cleaners