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About Investment Realty Co.

There has never been a better time to invest in commercial real estate in San Antonio, Texas than today. Successful investors recognize the need for the help of an expert with in depth market knowledge, who understands the financial drivers and how to get the best return on their investments. At Investment Realty, our strength lies in our decades of experience in the San Antonio commercial marketplace coupled with our ability to work with various service providers.

Being established within the community, we’ve built the relationships and skills necessary to help you face the challenges and discover the opportunities you seek whether that be investment properties, or in acquiring or selling land. When needed we draw on our extensive network of San Antonio commercial real estate operators from financial institutions, private investors, civil engineers, appraisers, brokers and building contractors to assist our clients and meet their needs.

About IRC Capital Residential, Ltd.

IRC Capital Residential, Ltd. originates construction loans for new home builders and residential land developers in the San Antonio, Austin, Dallas and Houston Markets.

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