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Harry’s Shave Subscriptions on Target’s Shelves

August 12, 2016

With Razors being cheaper to purchase online though companies such as Harry’s Shave Subscriptions and Dollar Shave Club, retailers are having a difficult time selling the product they already have on the shelves. Drumroll…, a different edge on selling razor products, Target and Harry’s decided to team up to offer online subscriptions for Harry’s shaving products and have the products on Target shelves.

Target and Harry’s have been working on this collaboration for two years. They believe the partnership is a good move for both companies and both companies’ brands hold the same values. Target will set aside space on four set shelves next to Gillette, to display Harry’s razors, face wash, shaving cream, and other items.

We think we will start seeing more retail companies embracing this change to better the customer shopping experience in the store and online.

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