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Parking Downtown San Antonio Could Be Taking a Turn

August 25, 2016

Parking in downtown San Antonio can be a struggle. Two people are trying to change this view. GrayStreet Partners and AREA Real Estate are coming up with various strategies to help with this need. GrayStreet Partners is renovating Travis Park Plaza parking garage by emphasizing different modes of transportation. They are looking at investing in electric charging stations, bike storage, discounts for smaller vehicles and locker rooms for commuters.

AREA is actually doing away with parking all together for the Maverick apartment building. David Adelman believes tenants will be prepared for the adjustment. If the residents do want a parking spot, there will be parking spots in the Travis Park Plaza garage. We will soon see if these various strategies will make a change on the parking and other landlords in downtown San Antonio.

Sanchez, Javier. “Can landlords change Tenant’s commutes? These two are trying.”  San Antonio Business Journal. August 2016: 6. Print.

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