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Goal Achieving or Stress Relieving

August 30, 2013

Goal achieving- A profit making activity that supports your business plan.

Stress Relieving- A nice break but doesn’t directly bring in profit. Activities that can consume your day, things that make you feel busy but aren’t actually productive just soothing.

A wise old broker once said, “Always ask yourself, ‘is this a commissionable activity?’” Does this make you money or just waste your time?

There are a many ways to categorize activities; the activities we spend our time on can either waste our time or support our life and just as you need to decide what is urgent and what is essential, you need to prioritize these activities as well.

No one can be in goal achieving mode 24 hours a day, they would physically and mentally shut down. The key isn’t cutting out any activity that isn’t goal achieving instead it is finding the balance between both. In a previous blog, Take A Break Get More Done, it discussed how strategically placed breaks can boost productivity. The concept of goal achieving or stress relieving is a wonderful example of how to implement that practice into balancing your work day.

Micro breaks are great for business productivity and personal mental and physical health. The problem is realizing how much time you can spend on them. Five minutes of leisure for every three minutes of work is not a productive plan.

For example: Yes, we all have to check our emails. Email is a major form of communication and a large source of how we get our information in the business world but if you are leisurely exploring your inbox and moving things to junk mail chances are you’re missing out on goal achieving activities like sales calls.

Designate some of your work day for essential stress relieving activities while maintaining your business goals by seeking to perform goal achieving activities. Plan and organize are key to success.

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