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Texas Leaves a Mark in Business Facilities Rankings

September 16, 2013

Every year Business Facilities rank the states to determine where each state stands in different areas including income per capita, best infrastructure, natural gas production leaders and many other categories. Last year’s report resulted in Texas being the 2012 State of the Year. In the 9th annual report released August 30th Texas once again was noted multiple times.  Including:

#1 Best Business Climate

#3 Economic Growth Potential

#9 Installed Solar Power Capacity Leaders

#4 Renewable Energy Leaders (Capacity)

#5 Renewable Energy Leaders (Power Generation)

#6 Nuclear Power Generation Leaders

#1 Natural Gas Production Leaders

#1 Installed Wind Power Capacity Leaders

#1 Best Infrastructure

#2 Data Center Leaders

#3 Aerospace Defense Industry Leaders

#5 Biotechnology Strength Employment Leaders

#10 Automotive Manufacturing Strength

#8 Auto Parts Supplier Leaders

#4 Credit Quality

#9 Best Business Tax Climate

To read the full article and see each list visit:

2013 Business Facilities Rankings Report- State Rankings 

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