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Brick and Mortar Retail Is Not Dead: Don’t Believe the Critics

June 9, 2017

Online stores are evolving, but they won’t be taking over the classic brick and mortar system anytime soon. Online only retailers are trying to use every advantage they have to compete with the classic form of retail; however, overcoming years of logistic and merchandising experience is no easy feat. Online shopping does not relieve the challenge of goods taking up space. Brick and mortar stores have been in the game long enough to perfect the way their goods are stored and transported to the shelf. Online shopping may be convenient but it still requires a large amount of space and logistical expertise before it reaches the consumer.

If the volume and rate at which goods are consumed remains the same, the products must be stored in a larger warehouse or more warehouses must be acquired. The logistical experience needed to ship every item to its individual destination as opposed to a fixed location can drive up cost and leaves unknown variables to account for. Brick and Mortar provides a fixed location and a convenient way to shop, especially to those who live nearby.

Recently, there has been no shortage of e-commerce stores failing or being bought out for fractions of original capital invested. As of late, investors are scared to even touch online retail and many see what is coming. Larger companies will soon take over online retail and achieve financial gain because of the vast experience they attained while in the brick and mortar sector.

Brick and Mortar Retail Is Not Dead: Don’t Believe the Critics

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