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The Trend in Office Real Estate That’s ‘About To Explode’

June 5, 2017

Third- party non-core real estate providers are offering temporary meeting space and rentable conference rooms. The goal is to offer space on a need-by-need basis and give office occupiers flexibility to pursue saving initiatives.

“This new segment of conference and meeting events being outsourced is a whole new facet within flexible workspace that’s about to explode,” said Ryan Hoopes, senior associate of Flexible Workspace Advisory Services in Dallas.

Allowing meeting events to be scheduled at shared office locations on a need-by-need basis will only grow the popularity of shared office space. Also, creating an experience for the office occupier is just as important as giving them flexibility. Hospitality has become a huge factor for those looking to outsource their office needs.

“By outsourcing they are paying for space as needed. A third-party provider is curating hospitality and service. At the end of the day the corporate tenants will have more flexibility and will shrink long-term commitment footprints,” Hoopes said.

Demand for third- party providers is growing, and companies are eager to get a piece of the pie. As employers continue to take smaller leases, space will always be an issue. Continued growth is expected for shared office space and rentable conference rooms.

The Trend in Office Real Estate That’s ‘About To Explode’

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