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Automated Stores Becoming a Reality

December 19, 2017

Unmanned stores across China are attracting the convenience-seeking shopper. With such a massive population to appeal to, it’s no secret that convenience and easy access would be a top priority for China’s retail market. Cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence, computer vision and biometric recognition that tracks a shopper’s movements are all new technologies currently being considered to enhance the retail shopping experience in China.

Online stores are on the horizon; however, only a small portion of internet users (16.5%) within China’s Tier 1 cities use unmanned retail smart stores, according to a September 2017 poll from iResearch. Approximately 70.9% of shoppers were satisfied with the new retail experience and reported the top reason for their purchase at such a store was due to the convenience and easy 24hr access.

Entrance of this new unmanned technology into the San Antonio market is yet to be seen. However, as the largest economy in the world dives into this new form of retail, other nations will be sure to follow.


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