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Why People Do and DON’T Do Business With You

July 25, 2013

There are two common mistakes in the business world. Mistake #1 People assume that if they aren’t giving someone a tangible object for a tangible reward, that they aren’t a sales person. This couldn’t be more wrong! We are all sales people! Each day with our thoughts and actions we are constantly trying to sell people our ideas, thoughts and beliefs. From who to vote for or where you and your coworker should go for lunch we are constantly selling!

Mistake #2, that a lot of business people make, is thinking that people only shop on price. While in today’s economy price is a major factor, it isn’t the only factor. In fact with so much competition out there consumers have more options then ever. Manufacturerers are well aware of this and have learned that they need to be price competitive but what really puts them at the top is another advantage, customer appeal. This is so true in real estate. There is a large selection of agents in most areas. But,  if you have a personality people like this puts you ahead of the game. In a lot of businesses before money exchanges hands one entity has to persuade the other that they are the best choice before the process can begin.

One company that has proved this logic is Apple. The last version of their hugely successful Iphone, Iphone 5 prices range from $199-849 for the 64GB version. Some people think. “We’ll that’s rent!” or “I can buy 10 burner phones for that’s much”. So why do people buy them? Because they aren’t just any phone, the team at Apple Inc. works countless hours to develop each new application or function each time they release a new version of the phone.

When people buy the Iphone they don’t want carbon copies of every other phone out there, they want a unique, advanced and customized experience. That’s the same experience that your clients want from you. So be that experience! Be the product that is constantly striving for improvement. Be that business person that can’t be compared to anyone else because they take things to the next level. Sell your clients on your personality and skills and the rest will follow.

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