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Whats Missing From Your Investment Portfolio? San Antonio

November 10, 2014

Are investors missing out on opportunity in San Antonio because it remains in the shadow of Dallas, Houston and Austin? Some people think currently that’s the case.

San Antonio continues to be one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Gabriel Silverstein recently said in an article for Real Estate Bisnow, that “If San Antonio was in any other state, it would be on the investment radar…” San Antonio is often forgotten in the investment world thanks to its fellow Texas powerhouse cities.

The city’s’ higher going-in yields and cap rates will help change that. While investors are looking over the Alamo city, businesses and people are flocking to it. The boom in population is a result of businesses moving to the city and its surrounding areas. With land for development and lower taxes than other states, San Antonio is an excellent choice for relocation.

As the amount of businesses increase the amount of available space decreases, allowing rental properties to charge higher rates, resulting in higher returns. For investors they should see San Antonio as the picture of supply and demand. This demand is only expected to grow both in the residential and commercial world.

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What other things do you think will draw investors and businesses to San Antonio?

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