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What Office Trends Can We Expect in 2016?

January 20, 2016

In Fireman’s predictions you see a great support for the millennial ideals and workplace environment needs.

Fireman expects us to see an increase in companies focus on creating a health-conscious environment. From the standing desk, healthy choice vending machines and even on-site exercise equipment, companies are expected to further support healthy living for their employees.

Another trend that is expected to show continued growth in 2016 is working remotely and the utilization of technology to do so. More and more companies are providing employees with flexible work hours and the option to work from home, a coffee shop or wherever they can get WI-FI. Along with the ability to work remotely, employers are expected to give their employees extra perks such as extra vacation days and benefits. More and more companies are realizing that the 40 hour work week doesn’t necessarily mean success. For a lot of companies they are finding that flexible hours and the ability to take sick days when needed or vacation days when wanted, increases employee morale and productivity.  It’s the classic practice of  reward and incentive.  Employees recognize that by reaching or surpassing goals they will get to keep their additional rewards, outside of their paycheck, and that is an extra incentive for them to be more productive and efficient.

Part of the growing trend of flexibility is the rise of the freelance worker. Freelance employment benefits workers and companies alike. For the worker they are allowed to make their own schedule, set their own pay and only accept the jobs they wish to do.

For companies hiring workers under the umbrella of freelance, this allows them to decrease certain overhead prices, for example the cost of having another desk or office, as well as it makes companies less responsible for benefits since freelancers aren’t full time employees.

There is definitely a change coming in the workplace environment and it has been coming for some time.

What are some trends you expect to see in the New Year?

7 Office Trends You Can Expect to See in 2016