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Are You Scaring Away Potential Employers

January 14, 2016

Another year just ended and the work force welcomes new college graduates eagerly looking to start their careers.

While the country’s job market has improved, it still can be a time consuming process.  Forbes.com published an article by contributor, Liz Ryan, “Five Ways Job-Seekers Scare Employers Away.”

Ryan shares mistakes that can be easily made as these job seekers begin this search and misunderstand popular advice.

Ryan’s List of Interviewee “Don’ts” Include:

Not listening

Often interviewers will give candidates a simple test of asking them to do something post interview, just as a follow up. For example, the interviewer may ask them to send over a list of references or some sort of follow up Not carefully listening to this request can take away from any progress made in during a wonderful interview.

Being Aggressive

Job seekers are often told to show enthusiasm and initiative, this is great advice when executed properly.

Following up after an interview to thank the interviewer for their time is a good way to make sure you stay on the interviewer’s mind. Ryan reminds us that if you have a follow up plan to speak again don’t feel a need to “check in” before that date. If they tell you, they should have a decision by Wednesday don’t follow up if you haven’t heard anything until after that day.

Changing their initial conversation

This can be a huge problem depending on what happens. If one has 3 interviews with someone and discusses important things like salary, job title and expectations. Remember these on the 4th interview and don’t state that you would rather have a different title, want more money or don’t think “X” should be a part of your job responsibilities, or chances are you might be seen as flakey and inconsistent. Also if one is changing the position before even getting the job, the boss may want to reconsider hiring them.

As a job seeker if something does come up that you need to renegotiate, be open but also cautious.

To read the complete article: Five Ways Job-Seekers Scare Employers Away

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