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Take A Break, Get More Done

June 28, 2013

Lifehack.com recently posted an article by Jill Harness, The Importance of Breaks at Work. According to the article even a 30 second microbreak can increase your productivity up to 13%. Currently only 1 in 3 people take a lunch break and the other 2 in 3 either snack at their desk and continue working or don’t eat at all. Many professionals are looking at a computer screen all day which can be draining, “a 15-second break every 10 minutes reduces fatigue by 50%.”

Studies also found distractions can be good for the brain. On average, the users who took time to do non-work related browsing on the internet, in moderation, are 9% more productive then those who resist the urge.

Testing the theory out, I closed my eyes for 15 seconds and not thinking about work or what needed to be done by the end of the day, just counting to myself for 15 seconds I felt a small wave of calm.

When you work all day without taking a real break you open the door to many health problems including depression and obesity. Sitting for hours on end reduces blood circulation which can lead to many of these health risks.

So while the idea of even a 5 minute break every hour may not sound logical for your schedule or the stack of emails you need to open the benefits are worth it.


The Importance of  Breaks At Work

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