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News in Real Estate: Construction Set to Begin on $16M SoFlo Area Arts Center

June 30, 2017

Construction is officially underway on the $16M SoFlo arts area center which was first proposed by the Linda Pace foundation almost two years ago. The site is located near the South Flores and Camp streets at 150 Camp St. A collection of over 800 paintings, sculptures, and other art pieces from various artists both domestic and from around the globe will be included within the vibrant, 14,000 SF, crimson structure. It is hoped that the development will also help with the San Pedro Creek revitalization project just south of downtown San Antonio. Delivery is expected in the second half of 2018 and the official opening of the arts center, of which admission will remain free to the public, is estimated to fall within the 1Q18.

Construction set to begin on $16M SoFlo area arts center

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