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Factors Driving Consumer Adoption

July 5, 2018

Factors Driving Consumer Adoption - Blog Image

Several factors drive consumer adoption according to Toluna, a consumer insight company. Commonplace services such as same-day delivery, ride sharing apps and on demand entertainment are at the forefront of Toluna’s study on consumer adoption. According to the study 71% of consumers have used fast shipping retailers like Amazon and Walmart. Netflix and Hulu were next on the list at 61% and transportation services like Lyft and Uber came in 3rd at 35%. The lowest on the list were services related to wardrobe, meal kits, and rental services.

Survey respondents said they would be most devastated if fast shipping retailers and streaming entertainment were unavailable. Consumers prioritize services they feel are necessities and these days fast shipping and commercial free entertainment have become just that.

Majority of consumers said they would stop using fast shipping and transportation services if companies raised their prices. Amazon continues to be at the forefront of fast shipping and its prime membership is expected to grow. Major retailers will need to innovate their online shipping services to keep up with the online giant.

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