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Coming Soon: 100 SF Cement Micro Pods

July 24, 2018

Coming Soon: 100 SF Cement Micro Pods - Blog Image

Housing costs and lack of space continues to drive developers to think outside the box. In fact, developers aren’t thinking of boxes at all, they’re thinking of round cylindrical 100 square foot micro apartments as a small solution to the ever increasing need for space. Hong Kong-based James Law Cybertecture unveiled their designs for OPods, livable concrete water pipes that include a bench that folds into a bed, space saving furniture, and bathroom and cooking facilities.

Inspiration for the design came from Hong Kong’s small and expensive housing trends and although each unit is small, they are well designed and cheap to build. San Antonio is far away from the congestion of Hong Kong but innovative ideas like this provide insight into the future and what may become a trend at some point inside the U.S.

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