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Convenient, Cost-Effective Urgent Care Clinics on the Rise

August 23, 2017

Urgent healthcare centers are popping up everywhere in San Antonio. However, urgent care centers may have become so popular that they may be overbuilding. Studies continue to show the growth of urgent care and how they rely on convenience and cost friendly options to stay afloat.

Kalorama Information, a division of MarketResearch.com, recently came out with a report that the urgent care clinic market has become a $15 billion dollar industry with over 10,000 clinic locations across the country. Urgent care clinics started in the 1970s and in recent years more patients are coming to the cost-effective convenient option. The urgent care clinic market is expected to grow. By 2021, researchers at Kalorama predict that over 300 patients will visit specific clinics per week.

The continued growth of urgent care clinics is a great sign for patients and the medical community. Clinics have the ability to take on patients who would otherwise need to spend much more money visiting the emergency room. As out of pocket healthcare costs rise, urgent care clinics will continue to be a popular choice for patients seeking convenience and cost alternatives.

Convenient, Cost-Effective Urgent Care Clinics on the Rise

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