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Best Cities to Open a Restaurant in 2019

January 19, 2019

Best Cities to Open a Restaurant in 2019 - Blog Image

The best cities to open a restaurant are cities that are growing in population, have a solid job market and boast affordable real estate prices and rent costs to boot. It might sound like a tall order, but there are quite a few major markets that fit this bill.

Are you scouting for the best cities in which to open a restaurant? Thinking of expanding your business or starting a new culinary venture this year?

Here are some of the nation’s top metros to consider:

San Antonio, Texas – The Alamo City saw the biggest jump in population growth last year, with more than 24,000 moving to the Central Texas city. But it’s not just the sheer number of residents that make San Antonio a top choice for restaurateurs.

The city’s real estate prices are among some of the nation’s most affordable, and its job market is “thriving,” according to U.S. News & World Report. It is also considered by many as an up and coming culinary hub because of its food diversity.

Fort Worth, Texas – San Antonio isn’t the only Texas city primed for restaurant success. Fort Worth, as well as much of the South, has seen a major jump in population over the last few years as well. In 2018 alone, Fort Worth gained nearly 19,000 residents and overtook Indianapolis to become the 15th-largest city in the nation.

Austin, Texas – Austin, specifically the Austin metro area, is another great city to start a restaurant. In fact, NerdWallet recently named two Austin-area communities, Round Rock and Cedar Park, as two of the best cities for restaurateurs in the nation. Austin saw its population creep over 950,000 last year.

Atlanta, Georgia – Looking for something outside the Lone Star State? The greater Atlanta area is a great choice. NerdWallet named two of its communities, Smyrna and Alpharetta, among the top places to start a restaurant. The metro area itself rose by 13,000 residents in 2018 alone.

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