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Walmart’s Convenience Store Concept

March 10, 2017

A new shopping concept, brought to you by Walmart, has come to the small town of Crowley, TX. This small town sits right by Interstate 35, a prime area for Walmart to set up its new 2,500 square foot convenience store. Walmart doesn’t want to reinvent the convenience store, merely tweak and make it better. Their convenient store comes with many desirable amenities such as, a hot food section that sells pizza by the slice, coffee on tap, and 16 gasoline pumps, all under cover. Walmart is eager to see how the convenience store concept works for their customers because the small 100 square foot kiosks may not provide enough amenities.

Walmart is working on another exciting concept designed for shoppers on the go. The 4,000 square foot convenience store in Thornton, Colorado is designed to give the shopper a fast paced grocery shopping experience by providing online shopping and drive-thru pick up. Walmart spokeswoman, Anne Hatfield, states “We’re eager for feedback from customers. We want to know what’s working.” These concepts are still in the testing phase and we may never see them grow into new markets; however, Walmart seems to embrace new methods of pleasing their customer base. Great ideas and new ways of shopping are certainly on the horizon.

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