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Out-Priced Elsewhere, Investors Shift Focus to San Antonio

October 12, 2016

A combination of investors getting out priced in other markets, and shifting their attention from the increasingly aggressive, and costly multifamily market have driven San Antonio retail investment activity up significantly in recent months. These factors in addition to the industrial markets limited supply, retail property possessing sustainable rents, and value add opportunities also have given reason to the sharp increase in both competition and interest in said market. The city has attracted attention from institutional players such as Blackstone, New Market Properties, LLC, as well as a number of midsize firms, the most recent transaction being the sale of the 54,000 square foot, 26108 Overlook Parkway. Carrie Caesar, Vice President of the CBRE San Antonio Office, notes how vacancy is dwindling, and while there are no trends driving up retail investment sales, there is instead a plethora of factors happening concurrently which are testament to San Antonio’s desirability relative to other Texas markets.

How and why San Antonio investment activity is shooting through the (retail) roof

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