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Robots Improve Mall Experience

March 1, 2018

Robots Improve Mall Experience - Blog Image

It’s no secret that malls across America have seen a decrease in visitors over the years due to rising online purchasing trends. While large malls may not see the growth that Amazon has seen, they can offer the customer a much more unique interactive experience. As seen in the recent Super Bowl commercials, the Mall of America has employed the use of Pepper, a talking robot that acts as a guide for visitors.

Pepper, a product of SoftBank Robotics, has become a common sight in tech stores across Japan and a few stores across the U.S. As facial recognition and advancement in robotics grows, more uses will be found for artificial intelligent technology.

The San Antonio commercial real estate market may even see these robots as permanent assistants for property managers. The A.I systems can alert property managers to critical alerts and predict when critical maintenance systems are ready for replacement thus allowing time to be freed up for additional responsibilities.

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