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Life’s Special Moments Making You More at Risk for Identity Theft

July 20, 2015

There are so many big events in a person’s life. Exciting milestones we pass that are often referred to as some of the happiest moments of our lives. What if I told you that those moments make you more likely to be a victim?

According to a recent Business Insider interview with Lifelock’s Educational Programs Manager, Paige Hanson, your risk of identity fraud increases when you make any major life changes like buying a home, getting married, having a child or starting or leaving a job.

Information you typically keep private is requested and viewed by multiple parties, any of which could record and abuse the information.

Imagine you are buying a home, there are several forms you may need to fill out that require your personal information. Normally paper work is exchanged by several hands before input into a system and properly destroyed (if at all).

You drop your application off with the desk clerk who then gives it to an intern to make copies who then sets it in an inbox face up on someone’s desk, not thinking about what wondering eyes may be wondering, then they send the information off to where the process continues.

Read the whole article here: If you’ve recently done one of these 3 things, you’re at a higher risk for having your identity stolen

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