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Investors See Effects of a Peaked Multifamily Market

April 5, 2018

Investors See Effects of a Peaked Multifamily Market - Blog Image

Changes are on the horizon for San Antonio multi-family investments. Forecasts for renters in San Antonio this year may be great; however, several factors are making it tough to invest in multifamily properties.

While renters may be rejoicing, investors are finding it hard to deal with the recent changes to the tax code, higher interests rates and the tight lending environment. Among those, interest rates are causing the most harm. CFH Investment Partners VP Benoit Rochard said deals on which he recently promised 80% financing have fallen to 75% due to high interest rates.

“This is just within the last four to six weeks, and it’s all due to interest rates,” Rochard said.

IRC expects to see the rising rental rate bubble subside just enough to catch up with inflation.

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