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How to Find Commercial Property for Sale

January 27, 2020

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If you Google “how to find commercial property for sale” you’ll see page after page of websites and online platforms to search for commercial properties. Frankly, it can be overwhelming. Deciding on how to find the commercial property you want is not always an easy task. So today, we’ll break down some options so you can start searching for that ideal property.

Option #1: Research public records for commercial real estate property for sale

In San Antonio and throughout the United States, who owns a property is public record. Depending on what county you live in, this information may be accessible online. To search records in a county, simply Google “(county name) + property owner records” to find it. If it’s not available online, you can also visit your local county tax assessment office.

This option is time-consuming, but if you like to be a sleuth and uncover great deals, putting in the time to do the work could pay off in the long run.

Option #2: Join a real estate investment club

If you don’t want to spend time researching properties, or you aren’t even sure what to look for, joining a real estate investment club is an option. It’s a great learning experience and, if you’re just starting out in commercial real estate investing, a club provides an opportunity to pool money with other members and invest in a property that you may not have been able to purchase on your own.

There is a downside to this, however. First, you don’t have total control of the investment. You may have to compromise since you are one of multiple votes here. Also, you want to take into consideration the membership fees, which may not be refundable if you decide the investment isn’t worthwhile.

Option #3: Use an online commercial real estate listing site

A third option is to utilize technology. TONS of listing sites allow you to optimize your search by the type of building, location, industry, price, etc. Certain sites such as craigslist are free, while others may require a fee to gain access to more detailed information. That being said, technology provides a wealth of information that is accessible to you. However, because this is an online service, it leaves all of the legwork for you to work out.

Option #4: Work with a Commercial Real Estate Agent

A fourth option is to work with a knowledgeable commercial real estate agent. Commercial real estate agents have access to the same listings that can be found online, however they can provide “insider” information that cannot be accessed anywhere else. For example, an agency may have a client who is ready to sell the type of property that you want to buy, but hasn’t listed yet. Or, because they are in the industry, they may know of a prime commercial property that hasn’t hit the market yet. By working with an agent, access to this information is made available to you before anyone else.

Another benefit of working with an agent is that your agent can do the legwork for you and answer any questions that you have. The greatest advantage of working with an experienced agent, is the years, even decades of knowledge and skill they bring to the table. Having spent countless hours working with clients and properties, analyzing locations, growth trends, rent rates, tenant profiles and even financing. With an experienced commercial professional, you are granted access to a mental data-bank that would otherwise take years to attain yourself.

Collectively, IRC agents comprise over 100 years of experience and offer you an entire team of agents who work to make your realty investments and endeavors a success! Investment Realty has been serving the San Antonio commercial real estate market since 1975. Contact us online to learn more about our services.

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