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Hot to Reduce Stress at Work

September 18, 2014

Work is a wonderful thing. It’s the necessary process to get tasks completed, puts food on our tables and clothes on our backs. It can increase life span and gives us a sense of purpose in life. However with all that can come a price: stress. Trying to beat a deadline, file that last bit of paper work, show one more property, and see one more client… we live in a fast paced society and that amount of stress can take a toll on anyone’s sanity, health, productivity and peace of mind.

Here are a few things you may consider doing to manage your stress level:

Stand up! You may get a few strange looks at first but stretch your legs. Try to stand up for a few minutes every hour. Talk to your HR department to see if standing desks are an option. Every time you answer a phone call stand up. This gets your body moving and your blood circulating

Listen to music. If playing soft work-appropriate music won’t disturb you or your coworkers than rock and roll. Music is known for boosting energy and increasing happiness. Just think about how much better long drives are with a good soundtrack.

Zone out on breaks. If you can get out of the office during lunch, leave. Go home watch an episode of your favorite half hour show. Go to a nearby sandwich shop with that book you’ve been reading but can’t seem to finish because “you don’t have the time.”  Or go for lunch with a friend or coworker but have a strict no shop talk rule. Leaving the office only to talk about that stressful project you need to tackle when you return won’t help you de-stress.

Go for a walk. If you get a 15 minute break use it to do walk around the building. Perhaps keep a pair of running shoes in your car and just go on a ten minute walk. Connecting with nature, getting some Vitamin D and moving your body are great ways to relax and distress.

Refocus your energy. If you’ve spent the past 2 hours working on a project and can’t seem to find a solution temporarily move to another task. If you are stuck on something, turning your focus away from it for a while allows you to hit your mental refresh button and allows you to approach the task with a new perspective and find your solution.

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