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Google Fiber May be Coming to San Antonio

April 11, 2014

You’re preparing to binge watch your favorite show on Netflix after a long week and as you push play instead of getting entertainment, you get frustrated. The icon on the screen spinning around and around….”Loading” and in the worst cases you wait and get the prompt that says, your internet connection is too slow are you sure you want to continue (loosely translated). As far as technology frustrations go, this is definitely a big one. That’s why it is exciting news that San Antonio has been chosen as one of 34 new potential locations to become a Google Fiber City.

Google Fiber is the Google service that provides the cities within which it operates in with internet that is 100 times faster than basic broadband.

This program is already in Austin, Kansas City and Provo Utah.

Mayor Julian Castro announced February 19, 2014 that San Antonio was on the list of cities being considered for receiving the Google Fiber service. Mayor Castro is in full support of the bringing Google Fiber to the Alamo city, saying “I’m confident we can make it a success in San Antonio.”

While the city of San Antonio approved this with a vote in March, the cities in consideration may not know for months if they meet the long list of qualifications required to get Google Fiber by the end of 2014.

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