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Emerging Tech for Retail & Real Estate Use

October 17, 2018

New technology, especially when used in the right context for shoppers or clients, can be incredibly useful; however, implementing new technology just for the sake of showing off isn’t always in the consumer’s best interest. It may even be confusing to the client when they are ready to make a buying decision.

JDA, a software company specializing in supply chain management, conducted a survey on how receptive consumers were towards retail tech. 42% said they were receptive to emerging technology such as virtual reality, mobile coupons and in-store robots. Virtual reality (VR) has few applications seen in retail so far, but augmented reality is truly proving useful for those looking to show off how your room might look with all their merchandise placed inside. JDA’s survey concluded that 42% of those surveyed said Augmented Reality was the most useful and would help them make a buying decision.

Taking what could be a great asset to retail and translating it over to real estate isn’t so hard. Using VR and Augmented reality a showing could be done live without ever leaving work. Hooking up a VR headset and listening to the broker speak as they give you a virtual tour while you look around is still being perfected.

Companies like Case-3d use the Unreal Engine software to create a virtual layout of your property that allows the person to wander as they please in a 360 degree environment. In many instances this could save time for both parties and allow the broker to showcase more properties in a given day. Whether you’re managing a storefront or showing it, emerging tech is coming that will cater to the needs of your client.