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Despite strong opposition, Texas bill to ban ‘impact’ fees moves to Senate

May 8, 2017

Rep. Ron Simmons refused pleas to halt his bill that would ban linkage fees on residential builders. Simmons stood his ground on the house floor and was opposed to any new tax that would make the price of affordable housing increase.

“We’re just saying that we’re not going to have linkage fees that put the cost of affordable housing on the backs of every single working man and woman in Texas,” Simmons said.

The Texas lawmaker mentioned how a linkage fee has affected the housing market in California. He quoted a per-square- foot linkage fee cost of $60, would add an additional cost of $180,000 to the price of a house in California.

Simmons remained strong and refused to be swayed by opposing arguments. He insisted cities still have many paths to affordable housing but the taxpayer should not be liable for the cost. His bill, HB 1449, passed on a vote of 102-38. It will now go to the Texas Senate.

Despite strong opposition, Texas bill to ban ‘impact’ fees on residential builders moves to Senate

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