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Business Cards are Still Vital to Networking

October 8, 2015

If you are in the business world you are probably familiar with the importance of networking. It’s something we all do, even when we don’t realize it.

One of the biggest tools you have when networking is your business card.

There are a lot of people that say the typical business card is a thing of the past. We have phones that can swap information in less than a minute and most legitimate business have websites and are easily located on Google but business cards are still very valuable.

Here are 5 reasons business cards are here to stay:

They are growing with technology

We have excellent technology, so use that on your business card. More and more companies are including QR codes on the back of their business cards to give people an easy way to get to their website and possibly build a connection.

They don’t just give info they get it

You can use your business card to get someone else’s card. Let’s face it there will be people you encounter who you have little to offer but they may be just the person to help take your career to the next level.  Almost anytime you hand someone a business card their instinct is to give you their card in return. It may not be their intention to follow up with you but now you have the information to follow up with them.

They make the perfect note card

Use them to take notes. You exchange business cards and have an amazing conversation, and this may  happen a multiple times during a networking event. Once the conversation is over take a few moments  and make a few notes on the cards that will remind you about the conversation when you go to save their information later.

For Example:

Has a connection at Avery Catering.

Looking for rental space in November.

Also a Freelance Marketer.

They allow you to do more than a V-Card

Make your business card memorable and functional. Some people are good with names and some people are good with faces, so feel free to have both on your business card. This way they may remember you better.  Also make sure to put multiple ways to contact you and learn more about you or your business. Include your name, phone number, email and website. Depending on your industry be sure to add any licenses or certifications that may be valuable to know.

They are still a good indicator you are professional and prepared

It’s true, almost anyone with a printer or a few bucks can order or make their own business cards. But that doesn’t take away from the legitimacy of your card.

Have you ever met someone who wanted to offer you their goods or services and when you asked for their card, they said they didn’t have one? Chances are that interaction didn’t lead to a business connection.

Being prepared with your business card shows you are organized and mean business. It shows that you believe in your business enough to invest in it and are actively trying to make connections.

Do you still use traditional business cards? Tell us what you think below.

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