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Amazon Distribution Network Delivery Time

December 21, 2016

In response to the shifting retail landscape in regards to online shopping and the record breaking holiday sales numbers that have continually risen year after year, Amazon has picked up the pace to complete their supply-chain network to reach optimum delivery time. Amazon has added 26 new distribution warehouses to its global network in the last two months, and analysts believe that the global internet seller will hit peak efficiency at one to two-hour delivery times by this time next year. The company now occupies 127.8 million square feet of distribution space worldwide. SIOR Global President, and Geoffrey Kassleman stated that in his 30-year career he has never seen such a complete, and rapid takeover of the real estate industry by any single entity.  SIOR Senior Vice President Paul Earnhart noted the way Amazon has “…disintermediated Walmart in the same way Walmart did to small businesses in the 80’s and 90’s.”

Seeking to Own ‘Last Mile’ to Consumers, Amazon Puts Ramped Up Distribution Network to Test as U.S Online Sales Shatter Records