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Top Online Retailers Moving to Brick-and-Mortar

November 13, 2017

Top online retailers are moving their way into physical retail. Award winning retail architect, Kenne Shepherd shared his thoughts on the top online retail stores that are pushing into brick-and-mortar.


No other online retailer on this list has the same potential of impacting the San Antonio commercial real estate sector as Amazon. The top online retailer has realized 91% of retail transactions still take place in physical locations and to truly dominate the market they would need to open physical locations. The e-commerce giant currently operates 12 Amazon Go stores and plans to open many more in the coming years.

Warby Parker

Warby Parker’s locations function as a showroom and give the customer the chance to try on each pair of glasses before they make the decision to order them online. Glasses can be delivered to the customer’s home or to the store. This store model eases Warby Parker’s logistic cost while giving the customer an easy avenue to make a purchasing decision.


Athleta, owned by GAP, operates 133 locations and can’t seem to build them fast enough. Athleta’s physical location gives the customer the unique chance to use touch screen monitors to search for apparel online and offers information on release dates, styles and products. GAP made the right investment in acquiring Athleta. While GAP continues to shut down its own stores they are opening Athleta locations across country.

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