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“My name is Muffin, Please Take me Home.”

November 18, 2020

This sign was taped to the crate of an animal found beside a dumpster as if it were trash.

Since COVID hit and the economy took an unexpected turn many people have found themselves struggling. As a result, animals are being abandoned beside dumpsters and on random doorsteps in boxes or even crates, from which they cannot escape. We ourselves discovered a precious cat named Muffin abandoned beside the Mission Oaks Shopping Center dumpsters to be tossed out with the trash. The crate Muffin was locked in had a sign that said, “My name is Muffin, please take me home.” Fortunately, a kindhearted employee of Investment Realty Company offered to foster the cat until a solution was found that would provide Muffin more of a fighting chance than being tossed away. It was discovered that she had come from the Humane Society and had a chip by which to track the identity of her previous owners, who were then reported. Muffin remained in the care of the Humane Society so that she might be found another home with caring owners.

It is sad to say there have been several other cases reporting similar events having taken place these past few months. On October 6th of this year, 22 three-week-old puppies were reported upon being found dumped at a veterinarian’s office door which were later rescued by SA Pets Alive.


In order to stop such occurrences from continuing to occur, we would like to share other safe options that are available for those who are no longer able to provide and care for their furry friends.

SA Pets, an organization aimed at saving our furry friends lives, currently holds a 92.9% Live Release Rate and is responsible for saving 5,131 animals’ lives in 2019 alone. Since their founding in 2011, they have saved 50,000+ dogs & cats.

If this is something you are able to do, please consider fostering a pet to help save the lives of animals that can no longer be cared for by their previous owners.

The city of San Antonio also has an animal saving program called Animal Care Services, reporting a high Live Release Rate of 90% where animals have been either been “adopted, rescued, transferred to another shelter, or returned to their owners after being lost.” ASC also provides an extensive list of rescue groups that they work alongside to assist in saving more animal lives.

We have thousands of pets coming through our doors every single month – nearly a hundred every single day. Maintaining 90% Live Release Rate – and higher – takes daily commitment from shelter staff, rescue organizations, adopters, and the public.

On the Animal Care Services page they implore us neighborly citizens to report acts of cruelty online or “call 3-1-1 or 210.207.6000 and make a detailed report including your call back number in case  more information is needed… Animal Cruelty Investigators review all reported calls of cruelty or neglect and will further investigate a suspected case if cruelty or neglect can be legally proved.”