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Fiesta Time San Antonio

June 22, 2021

What is Fiesta?

Each year San Antonio celebrates its liberation along with the heroes from the battle at the Alamo with a city wide party called “Fiesta” on the week surrounding April 21st, the date of the Battle of San Jacinto. This event which began in 1891 now celebrates San Antonio’s rich history and diversity. We also take the chance to honor our troops who serve to protect and defend our nation, each department hosts a free event at the Alamo on a separate day during the week of Fiesta festivities. The Marines will be hosting their event on June 23rd from 11 am – 1 pm. Later that evening the Fiesta Carnival will be open along with the NIOSA, “A Night in Old San Antonio” event, providing a fun night of history, music, and food.

Fiesta’s Economic Impact

While Fiesta was postponed until the month of June this year and Fiesta events have been reduced in number, we are pleased that at least it has not been canceled! You see, behind the festivities which bring the people of San Antonio together Fiesta not only provides enjoyment for all, but also supplies funds for over 100 Charities in San Antonio that put on these events. This is “an economic impact of more than $340 million”, according to Fiesta San Antonio commission.

San Antonio Spurs

For instance, Fiesta De Los Spurs Run on June 26th, sponsored by the Spurs, is a fun run at various parks in San Antonio. While this sounds exciting in and of itself, the money raised from ticket costs goes towards supporting families in San Antonio who have suffered from the events of this past year. Participants receive exclusive goodie bags stocked with an exclusive t-shirt, Playoff and pre-season tickets and several other fun items listed on the SPURS Fiesta event page. Fiesta San Antonio shares all of the ways the SPURS work to support our San Antonio community with the help of making physical fitness and education fun with programs that will strengthen children in computer coding skills, reading and STEM related education methods. Because we are proud supporters of our San Antonio SPURS, here is a brief report supplied by the Fiesta San Antonio webpage detailing out how the SPURS invest in our community:

  • This season, Spurs Give was able to serve over 10M families throughout the COVID pandemic and Texas Winter Storm relief.
  • Our impact was made possible by YOU — we celebrated 1,500 new donors this season! San Antonio has continued to inspire us.
  • Funds raised through the Fiesta De Los Spurs 5K will go to support mobility and wellness initiatives including Digital Equity, STEM education, and youth sports.
  • When you participate in the Fiesta de los Spurs run, you support 787,347 minutes of reading
  • With the pandemic, Spurs Give saw a 289% increase in participation in our online coding curriculum! Go, Coyote Coding Club, Go!

San Antonio Zoo

Another special event perfect for a fun family outing is the Festival de Animales hosted by the San Antonio Zoo on Sunday, June 27th from 10 am – 5 pm. This event funds several ongoing research projects including the preservation of animal habitat, training the local community, stewardship projects and many others listed on the San Antonio Zoo webpage, which reports over $175,000 in direct funds going toward the stewardship of such projects.

Fiesta Week

Fiesta which began on June 17th will run through June 27th. Please see the Fiesta Event Calendar to see what events will be occurring each night and sure to check what the COVID-19 protocols will be for each event you plan to attend as there are different event providers per event.