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Unlimited Vacation Days

October 17, 2014

In late September it was it was disclosed that Richard Branson of the Virgin Group gives unlimited vacation days to his staff of nearly 200 employees. This has raised an interesting question: Is working less, more? If people only work to complete the tasks they have and are allowed to enjoy personal time when tasks […]

Casual Dining Decreases After Labor Day

October 15, 2014

You may have noticed lately that your email and TV commercials have been flooded with announcements about discounts and specials at your favorite casual dining restaurants. According to Bloomberg Businessweek this is related to the decrease in Restaurant spending that hits restaurants after the Labor Day holiday. Restaurants typically are more expensive then meals prepared […]

Build It They Will Come?

October 2, 2014

Build it and they will come? Depending on what you’re building and who “they” are, this may not be the case. Millennials are not connecting with the home buying industry. Home buyers are starting to recognize the reasons behind this disconnect. Commitment They want flexibility. A house is an expensive lifetime commitment. This is a […]

When your new job isn’t for you

July 7, 2014

Our blog has discussed at lot about how to stand out in an interview and improve your chances of receiving a job offer but what happens when you get the job and it’s not what you expect? Jada A. Graves touches on this in her article “Congrats! Your New Job Is a Nightmare.” While it […]

Texas Tops Best State For Business List

June 24, 2014

For ten years has published an annual report of the best and worst states for business based on a survey of over 500 CEO’s in the U.S. In the past ten years Texas has continued to remain the best overall state for business. Texas’s steady economy and state group has even inspired action from […]

Motivation Pitfalls

April 24, 2014

Shannon Clark recently published a fitness article on titled 5 Things That Crush Your Motivation, these relate to many different things. Strong motivation is essential to reach any goal. Regardless of what your motivation is (money, reputation, health, family) it’s important to recognize it and use it as your most powerful tool. As important […]

Google Fiber May be Coming to San Antonio

April 11, 2014

You’re preparing to binge watch your favorite show on Netflix after a long week and as you push play instead of getting entertainment, you get frustrated. The icon on the screen spinning around and around….”Loading” and in the worst cases you wait and get the prompt that says, your internet connection is too slow are […]

San Antonio Real Estate Influence On the Economy

February 25, 2014

If you enjoy our blog The Real Estate Council of San Antonio is another great source for information concerning local real estate. Here are 5 amazing facts about San Antonio’s Real Estate Industry and its influence on our economy. It generates approximately 1/7 of the area’s economic output. It employs 120,000 people in the San […]

Where Online Retailers Fall Behind

January 9, 2014

There are so many benefits to shopping on secure online websites. First there is the convenience of not having to leave your home to fight traffic, packed parking lots and long lines. Then there is the easy savings. With search engines like that search prices for you on multiple sites then presents results showing […]

Using Google More Effectivly

October 11, 2013

How many times have you asked someone a question only to have them respond, “I don’t know. Google it”?  Google has defiantly become one of the quickest and most used methods of obtaining answers to our questions. Here are a few tips to make searching even easier: 1. Use the minus sign ( – )when […]