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19 Things To Do while Social Distancing

May 13, 2020

Improve yourself: 
1. Get innovative – Reshape/expand your business model and work on your website. A local San Antonio business called Knight Watch Games whose focus is on board games, for example, recently adjusted their business model to offer online orders and curbside pickup to keep their business running. This serves not only to bolster their business, but has benefited them greatly during a period of social distancing due to COVID-19, as people are more prone to stay at home and are looking for ways to entertain themselves.

2. Pick up a hobby – Take free online lessons to learn the guitar or another instrument you’ve had laying around and not touched for some time.

3. Get Up-to-date – Update your resume on LinkedIn and take the time to reestablish relationships that have fallen to the wayside.

4. Educate yourself – Take some online courses on LinkedIn learning to enhance your skill set and/or learn something new.

5. Watch a cooking show and try a new dish!

6. Read – Do you have a shelf full of books that you’ve been intending to read for eons and never gotten around to? Whether it be educational, informative literature, or just something to entertain – then pick up a book, sit down & enjoy!

Enhance your home: 
7. Start a garden – Gather ideas to create your own simple vegetable garden or plant some flowers. Doctors say that getting sunshine and fresh air is good for your health! Not to mention, it will improve your space and provide a serene place of relaxation for yourself as well!

8. Declutter – Start a declutter challenge with your family. Clear out your closets and garage of unnecessary clutter and donate to local community organizations who function to help those in need like the Red Cross San Antonio, San Antonio food banks, SAMM Ministries, or Salvation Army San Antonio.

Strengthen Familial Bonds: 
9. Date your spouse – take advantage of this forced relaxation time to learn something new about your spouse or significant other. Play 20 questions and whether it be questions that create deeper meaningful conversation or just a simple game of guessing the thoughts of the other.

10. Enjoy a Family Dinner – Order a make-it-yourself pizza kit for the family from Julian’s Italian Pizzeria and allow each member to craft their own delicious indulgence.

11. Game night with the family – Invite another family to play Charades/Pantomine or another game of choice via Facetime/Skype/Zoom.

12. Virtual tours – Many organizations are updating their online platforms to keep people engaged and help us cope during this period of self- isolation and social distancing. Check out these virtual tours for some entertainment fun for individuals, family time, or date night.

13. Book Club – Launch your own zoom book club.

Relax and Enjoy: 
14. Happy Hour – Take the time to enjoy yourself. After accomplishing a hard day’s work, whether that be decluttering and organizing or working from home, call/facetime a friend and enjoy some you time.

15. Sidewalk Mural – Let your Creative side run wild and decorate your neighborhood sidewalk with encouraging phrases and cheerful pictures.

16. Explore – Go for a stroll around your neighborhood and, while you’re at it, take a moment to admire the beauty around you. Explore nature and look up the names of flowers or plants you see, they may be just what you needed to brighten up your kitchen, accent your porch or contribute to the landscaping in your yard. Plantsnap is an excellent, free resource to identify various types of plants and their planting and care instructions, simply by taking a picture on your phone.

17. Spread Encouragement – Send the photos of the flowers to your friends with a sweet note or uplifting quote to lift their spirits- “Wanted to brighten your day”!

18. Bird Watching – Create your own bird watching post from your window or porch by putting up a bird feeder and/or birdbath so that you can see what birds you attract! Create a game of it fun for the entire family by seeing how many you can name without looking it up and allot points for each bird named, partial points for the first to find the name of an “unknown”, and deducting 1 point when named incorrectly. Here are a few tips you can use to identify a bird and a very resourceful birdwatchers identification guide, provided by Birdwatchers Digest, to help you correctly identify what birds you are trying to ID. After you’ve done your best to identify a given bird you may want to double check using the NatureGate webpage or app, a free tool that helps to identify birds and other wildlife found in nature.

19. Adopt a Pen Pall – Call a Nursing Home near you and ask if you can become a pen pal to one or more of their patients. Or, if the residence has the technology available, create a virtual reading time where residents can come into a community sitting area and embark on a journey with you while you read an interesting novel or nonfiction book.