Trump’s Order For The Renegotiation of NAFTA

February 7, 2017

President Trump has signed an executive order for the renegotiation of NAFTA, this has met its goal of increasing each prospective country competitiveness in the global marketplace, but had labor implications such as loss of manufacturing companies due to cheap labor, and reliance on imports to make U.S made products. If President Trump indeed imposes a 35% tariff on Mexican goods, it is possible that the nation will then raise its own tariffs, the President can pull the U.S out of the trade deal so long as he gives the other participating nations a six months’ notice. However, the U.S has not pulled out of a trade agreement since the 19th century, and will not likely have to as a resolution and renegotiation is plausible. In addition a stronger U.S economy created by a more balanced trade agreement will most certainly benefit the commercial real estate industry.

Here Is What CRE Execs Need To Know About Trump’s Plans For NAFTA