The Race Is On for The City’s Fiber Future

October 10, 2016

The growing gigabit-speed market in San Antonio, made possible through the use of fiber optic cable, has led to the current face-off between AT&T Fiber (NYSE: T) and Google Fiber (Nasdaq: GOOG), a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. Both companies are rapidly setting up in locations throughout the city to meet present demand, as well as anticipate, and surpass future development. At present time AT&T, with an already impressive footprint in San Antonio, has 30 established locations which are specifically using AT&T’s gigabit speed network. AT&T Fiber’s strategy is to focus on apartment complexes, rather than single family homes, and with a network that is already online they are able to enjoy a sound competitive advantage in the ongoing race.  At present Google Fiber is laying down the infrastructure for their network, starting from scratch they have constructed 17 “huts” spread out throughout the city which have gradually served an increasing number of households through technical advances made in the last few years; they expect to be online in 2017. The company is currently seeking city approval for a pilot program to use a construction technique called micro trenching which would enable them to build their network faster.

The Race is On For The City’s Fiber Future