The Importance of Public Recognition

November 1, 2013

YouTube announced in October they would be joining the Grammys, CMA’s and countless others in the world of Award shows. This made me think how a little recognition can go a long way. YouTube has come a long way since its 3 creators registered their domain February 14, 2005 and is constantly recognized for its positive and sometimes simply entertaining effect on the world. Be it the giggling, biting infant in the “classic” Charlie Bit My Finger or the live stream of the 2012 Summer Olympics YouTube has become the “go-to” source for video. It makes sense that a company with such an effect on the world would use its reach to recognize people for their accomplishments.  But entertainers aren’t the only people who enjoy recognition for a job well done, everyone does.

Studies agree that employees who are recognized for their hard work are happier and more loyal. The Gallup Organization has spent decades finding data to support this hypothesis. Their 2003 study of over 10,000 businesses found that companies that actively practiced employee recognition had positive employee relations including higher employee retention rates, lower turnover, increased employee focus, even safer environments. While higher levels of recognition can result in more positive results, for example your boss simply saying, “Good job” versus treating you to a nice steak dinner after you close a big deal would warrant a different level of satisfaction but both result in some satisfaction. It’s simple, most people need to be appreciated and valued. When you find yourself in an environment that meets those needs you will work harder for the organization and be less likely to leave it.

Consider this: the few moments it takes to say “Thank you for working late,” or “good job on that report” could save you months and hundreds of dollars training the replacements for under-appreciated employees.

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