The Breach Broadcast Round the World (Update)

January 7, 2014

Update: On Friday January 10, 2014 Target announced that more than the originally stated 40 million customers had their financial information stolen. Target now says the breach has affected 70 million to 110 million customers.

Unless you’ve been too busy assembling toys in the North Pole to turn on the news, check a newspaper or go online you’ve heard about the security breach that took place at Target during the Christmas shopping season.

Situation Overview
Between November 27th and December 15th information from over 40 million customer’s financial cards was stolen as a result of Target’s system being breached, the breach was discovered on December 15th. The company later announced that the encrypted Personal identification numbers input in the companies system had also been compromised.

What you can do?
If you shopped at any Target location during this time it’s recommended to keep a close eye on your transaction history. Report any strange activity (purchases or withdrawals you don’t recall) to both Target at 866-852-8680 and your financial institution.

Request a new card from your financial institute to be on the safe side. If your information was obtained not only can they make purchases but if pins are unencrypted hackers may be able to withdraw from your account at ATMS using a fake card and your PIN.
To read Target’s CEO Gregg Steinhafel’s statement on the issue click here.