Texas on Top

October 30, 2013

Once again Texas is the place to be! The top 4 spots on Forbes’ – “The Cities Creating the Most Middle Class Jobs” list all go to Texas metropolises. Leading the list was the Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos area, followed by the Houston-Sugar Land- Baytown area. Third on the list was San Antonio- New Braunfels Area with more than 300,000 middle skill level jobs. While Dallas-Fort Worth- Arlington area landed the fourth place with a 3.1% increase of middle skill jobs since 2007. Texas continues to develop and grow. More companies are relocating to the area because of the low operating costs of the state and workers are following.

The report says that mid-skill jobs range at the pay scale of $14- $21 an hour and that most individuals can live decently at this rate. In the past few years most new jobs have been outside of this area. More than half of new jobs fall under the category of the lowest-paid jobs below that $14-$21 hourly range. While only 15% of new jobs currently fall into the middle class category, making these jobs in low supply but high demand

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The Cities Creating The Most Middle-Class Jobs