Tesla to Partner with Retailers

November 1, 2017

Tesla, the company hoping to colonize Mars one day, wants to partner with retailers. As traffic increases to the charging stations, Tesla hopes to partner with restaurants and convenience stores to add food, restrooms, and other amenities to their charging locations.

A typical Tesla owner can spend 20 to 30 minutes charging their Tesla. The amount of time spent charging could be spent grabbing a bite to eat, shopping or relaxing. Partnering with restaurants and convenience stores could add additional revenue for the electric vehicle manufacturer.

Tesla Motors recently opened San Antonio’s first Tesla showroom. Charging stations may be coming soon and San Antonio’s commercial real estate market is poised to take advantage of this. Unfortunately, Tesla is not legally allowed to sell its vehicles in Texas due to legislation and resistance by auto dealerships. New legislation has been introduced for this year’s legislative session and may bring good news for the electric vehicle company.