State Growth Forces Need for Strategic Planning

July 15, 2013

Texas is growing and its happening at a fast past. According to Daniel Gonzales, director of legislative affairs for the Texas Association of Realtors, 1400-1500 people move to Texas a day!

This as a good news for businesses and state income but it will require planning on the part of government officials. Items to plan for are funding for the student increase in public education. Planning for adding classrooms and teachers.

Another area for strategic thought is traffic. While many people still have the perception that all Texans ride horses everywhere, the city’s treasury department would probably tell you different and have the numbers to back it up. Gonzales also stated that currently Texas spends 4 billion dollars a year just to keep up with current levels of congestion on Texas roads.

The 1,400 plus people a day who are making Texas their home will need a place to call home. Planning for building at the same rate as the population increase, will need to be priority.

Additionally water is one of the most important resources on Earth (especially in a place as hot as Texas). There must be great care and a longterm plan created to ensure the amount of water available will be enough to meet the need.

We can all agree that growth is positive but like growth in business one must lay the ground work to insure growth in managed well.