San Antonio Terminal A primed for upgrades

October 4, 2012

A $35.6 million, phased renovation project is set to begin on Terminal A in the middle of October and be completed in April 2014.

Over that time, the 378,000-square-foot terminal will get new flooring, furnishings, wall covers and lighting, and its 12 public restrooms will be redone. Plans call for six escalators to be replaced and fixtures removed.

“I think it’s going to be a significant improvement, not only in appearance, but in how the terminal functions,” said Aviation Director Frank Miller.

He said the terminal will get the same monitors that the newer Terminal B already has showing flight information for each of the airlines. Terminal A will take on a more open look once light fixtures are cleared away.

“We are trying to match the feel of Terminal B,” Miller said. “It’s a whole, fresh look.”

Also emphasized in the renovation is an expanded queuing area for the Transportation Security Administration security checkpoints. It won’t have additional security lanes for travelers to move through but will expand the area where people line up for clearance so they don’t string down the ticket lobby toward Terminal B.

“The whole intent is to try to open up that area and make for a better flow for passengers,” Miller said. “I think there will be a very positive impact when people go into the terminal.”

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