Retailers Effort to Extend Holiday Shopping

December 20, 2016

Retailers have made an effort to extend the holiday shopping season by beginning promotions and sales sooner in the month of November, brick-and-mortar retailers have out of necessity become more accepting to the fact that online sales will take their toll on store-traffic. By starting the holiday shopping season earlier this year, retailers are looking to both meet their expectations and do well. Although this strategy might be enough to make the cut for the month of November, it does not change the fact that consumers have a certain amount of income to spend and whether they have a longer or shorter amount of time to spend that income does not necessarily affect the quantity of spending being done. With more retailers switching to quarterly reporting opposed to monthly, the effect that online-shopping will have on in-store performance for the rest of the holiday season can only be speculated by using other alternative metrics such as foot traffic or number of vehicles occupying parking areas.

Retailers Try to Extend Holiday Shopping Season, But Will It Make a Difference?