Raub’s Rules of Real Estate 21-25

December 6, 2013

21. What matters is doing the RIGHT things, not just things right.

22. Debt makes you a slave. Keep the chains light enough so that when you need to, you can remove them.

23. Under promise, but over perform. Set realistic and achievable goals. Exceed expectations.

24. Always be closing! A-B-C

25. Expect and anticipate the unexpected. It’s the rule, not the exception. Change is constant, time marches fuel. Nothing is permanent, not failure, not success.

*Editor’s Note: Stephen Raub has been in the Real Estate Business since 1984 and has picked up a many different tips he finds helpful for professionals in the field.  Some of the Rules are original and other are from a variety of sources. Because of the way the list was composed, unfortunately it is not possible to credit every source. Investment Realty isn’t claiming ownership of the material and is just sharing the information for professional purposes which we hope you will find both useful and entertaining, too.