Ramen for Texas

July 19, 2016

Remember trying to survive in college off ramen, and how just the thought of ramen now takes you back to those days where cheap flavorless noodles were…, “What’s for dinner?” Well now you can experience what ramen noodles are supposed to be like, and they will most likely be a whole lot better than the microwave dorm room noodles we all have tried.  A local restaurant chain in Honolulu called Agu Ramen has been growing fast since opening three years ago. Owner and Head Chef Hisashi Uehara is planning to open Agu Ramen restaurant in Houston Texas this fall.

Uehara said he has three main reasons to expand to Texas rather than in Hawaii. First, permit processing in Hawaii takes two to six times longer than Texas.  Second, finding skilled potential employees that have experience in the restaurant industry in Texas is easier than in Hawaii. Finally, construction companies are more readily available in Texas.

The only challenge Uehara sees in Texas is marketing ramen to an uneducated ramen audience. He wants to educate Americans and show what ramen is supposed to taste and look like. Uehara is hoping American audiences will accept this new idea that ramen can be a delicious fulfilling dish, especially since they charge 50 percent higher prices.

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