Protect Your Center From a Storm

August 17, 2016

With all the rain this past week it is good to know that most shopping centers have a severe-weather emergency policy in place. In 1999 The National Weather Service commenced a voluntary Storm Ready program to motivate communities and business to be prepared for tornadoes, hurricanes and similar storms by setting up disaster plans.

The safety and security of the residents and visitors at the surrounding shopping centers and malls is important, especially since they serve as community gathering places. Five steps for disaster preparation: 1. Create a 24- hour warning point which has multiple methods for relaying and receiving National weather Service warnings, 2. Create methods for monitoring local weather conditions, 3. Train spotters and run drills a for formal hazardous weather plan, 4. Set up seminars and educational events to promote educating the public for weather events, 5. Enable strong communication with the local National Weather Service office. Each Storm Ready certification is good for three years and you can display signage outside your facilities.

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