Plan Your Way to a More Productive Schedule

September 4, 2013

While most professionals maintain a schedule very few plan a schedule. What does that mean? For example; every Monday you have a 3:30 meeting with your financial adviser this isn’t really a plan but a schedule. You want to save 20% of your income over the next year so you create a budget with your financial adviser determining where you will cut back and how, that would be an example of planning. Deciding to do something on a certain date and time is important but how you plan to execute the task is what will make it successful. If you are planning on opening a new location for your business and have set up some meetings with different realtors don’t just schedule the meeting and show up at the date and time. Plan how you want the meeting to go. What will be discussed, what questions do you want answered, what questions do you feel comfortable answering? People who have a plan tend to be more organized and also tend to have better control of situations. When you have control, you’re more likely to be happier with the result. Remember a well thought out plan can result in more efficient and productive results.